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Governing Board Meeting Minutes and Notes

25 Jan 2012

Yahoo! Free Conference call


  • 1.     The next event and whether it will be the Lexis Nexis presentation or not
  • The initial interest from WPAFB contacts has waned due to incorrect conception that the software is proprietary.  Lexis must run government issues thru Nisha.  The event will be cancelled until it receives more interest.   Paul Hare will advise L/N of situation.
  • 2.     Future events
  • -      Allen Systems Group (ASG) has an MDM product – Rochade? – that may produce a good presentation from Rich Held.  He was coming to the Lexis presentation.  JP will contact registrants to refund $$ paid or make other arrangements.
  • -      We should promote the ICCP certification at DAMA DAY 2012.  Pablo will see about brochures, etc from ICCP.  Sam will look into participation from local colleges to see if they’d like to participate.
  • -      Discussed an event to link local universities into MDM and DM practices/ certification.  Tout what the certification will gain the taker…
  • -      Paul Hare will look into the Oracle Unified method
  • -      Sam will look into SAP HANA
  • 3.     Finding a replacement for Mr. Dubois
  • -      Vicki Blommel of Oracle User Group Dayton would be good, but is probably over-taxed as Pres of OAUG.  Pablo will follow up.
  • -      JP will write a request for submissions from people who would like to join the Board…
  • 4.     Setting up standing board meetings in West Chester
  • -      Paul Hare will investigate the Library…
  • 5.     Certifications
  • -      Sam is also getting DQ certification from IAIDQ.
  • -      Pablo will see about getting ‘Monitor’ Certification for proctoring the ICCP exams
  • 6.     Website discussion
  • - JP will try to get contact from Jenny’s cousin for ideas and help…
  • 7.     Anything else you feel is important
  • -      JP will contact US Bank re: debit card for Pablo
  • -      JP will write an invitation to members to get their interest level and ask them to present their qualifications for consideration.

Jul 20 2011

6:30 Middletown Olive Garden

In attendance, Sam Hughes, John Petry, Paul Holland

1- By-Laws
- By-Law document modified by Sam and Jenny. 
- Posted in Officer's forum.
- Board to complete review and provide comments by 31 Aug.

2- CDMP Certification
Dates confirmed with DAMA-I
Oct 21 - Training
Nov 11-2  Exam
- Jenny has costs and other information that she will share next week.

3- Visualization Contest
- P. Hare sent out the data set to the teams. 
- Plan final Evaluation in September - date unknown

4- Website Revision
- Gather suggestions from Board and Members.
- Send out Survey-Monkey about this
- Send out keywords to search engines
- John to check latest Wild Apricot release for useful updates;  also review any benefits to upgrade to 250+ members option.

5- Review last Survey results

6- Send another survey:
- What benefits did you find in presentations of the last year??
- What presentation/ speaker/ benefits would you like to see?

- 'Jim Gallo Returns?'
- who else?
Get member suggestions...


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