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certifying professionals for 40 years... SUMMER 2015

President's Message

-- Ken Metcalfe, CCP, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3-IFIP

Professionals in our industry with one of our credentials are required to maintain currency in their knowledge and skills.  We call this re-certification but will rename it in the future as "Maintain Certification".  Our professional ethics, code of conduct and good practice guide us on keeping up to date with emerging methods and technologies and to always inform customers when we are NOT professionally competent in areas of practice where we are being asked to produce work.


When we ask an architect to plan and design our house we don't ask the plumber or electrician to do that work.  Stress, strain, load, and load bearing walls are key elements of engineering for our houses and those calculations are critical to the success of house construction.  In the same way I shouldn't ask a JAVA programmer to architect a storage area network or build a disaster recovery plan and if somehow I did, I would expect that professional programmer to inform me that she/he is not professionally competent to perform that task.  This kind of thinking distinguishes the professional from the rest.  When we don't we end up with projects that fail and our collective reputation erodes.


Many times these requests come to unqualified people because there is more work out there than the resources can handle.  For example, demand for computer scientists, data analysts, programmers and systems analysts continues to grow (ComputerWorld, May 29, 2015) and far outstrips our supply from colleges and universities.  Growth statistics in some of the hottest jobs are: Java Developers (22% growth), Web Developers (20% growth), Information Technology - Computer and Telecommunications support for access, storage and distribution of data and computing resources - 17% growth (Networking, Servers, WiFi, etc.), Data Analyst - 15% growth; Network Engineer - 13% growth (Security, CyberSecurity, Encryption, Wide Area Networking, Routers, Switches, Cloud data and application services, Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery-Back up planning).


As an industry has to invest in training more often and in larger amounts, and our colleges and universities have to produce more high quality of graduate to supply our demand and help us compete internationally.   

From the Executive Director

-- Kewal Dhariwal, CCP, CDMP, CBIP, I.S.P., ITCP 

The ICCP is helping keep universities and colleges standards high by testing large numbers of computer scientists and information systems programs and providing a national benchmark to see if college students are performing near the national averages.  

If you are an advisor on a college program - do advise them to seek the ICCP national testing programs that can be used for continuous program quality improvement especially for AACSB, ABCSP, ABET and other accrediting agency accredited programs at colleges and universities.  Contact tracey@iccp.org to find out more about these programs.


New Examinations:  ICCP is considering developing a number of new examinations over the coming year. CyberSecurity; Internet of Things (IOT); Cloud Computing; Business Technology Management - Core for business people (CBIP); Big Data - Foundations and Big Data - Methods and Technologies. 


Certification Council: The ICCP Certification Council will be meeting in July to update many examinations.  This year's face to face meeting will be held in Denver at the Metro State University of Denver - who have an excellent facility and have agreed to host us for a second time.  In the fall, this year, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton will host a second face-to-face meeting to review additional examinations.  Throughout the year the Certification Councils and their Specialty examination councils meet via web-conferencing.


Computing Sciences Examination:  The Computing Sciences examination following the ACM model curriculum has just finished up the Beta cycle of the examination with hundreds of students taking the examination in many states.  ICCP will now perform an item analysis and release a final version of the examination for longitudinal performance analysis useful for the accreditation and re-accreditation of programs and universities.

Data Management Canada-Conference and ISP & CDMP Bootcamp in Edmonton in September 25-27.

The DAMA Edmonton Chapter (dama-edmonton.org) is the organizer and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (nait.ca) is the host for the

Data Management Canada - Conference in Edmonton.

The Friday Plenary Session is a panel chaired by Peter Aiken.

Members: Bill Inmon, Donovan Hseih, Krish Krishan, Richard Hines, John Akred


  1. Bill Inmon (the father of Data Warehousing), "Creating Business Value from Big Data" - Friday & Saturday.
  2. Donovan Hseih, Senior Data Architect, EBay, "Qualifying NoSQL databases for Enterprise Solutions" - Friday
  3. Peter Aiken, Data Blueprint, author & former national President, DAMA International: "Data Governance, Strategy, Risk & Security"
  4. Kris Krishan, Co-author with Bill Inmon "Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse"; "Predictive Analytics"; "Data Science is no longer a myth"
  5. Richard Hines, Consultant and Instructor, Enbridge & TDWI, "Data Lake Challenges & Opportunities";
  6. Edd Dumbill and John Akred, Silicon Data Valley Sciences, "Advanced Data Analytics using Data Sciences Approaches"
  7. Ken Bainey, KRB Associates, "IT Performance Management"
  8. Kewal Dhariwal, ICCP, " Certification preparation and examinations: I.S.P. (CIPS) and CDMP (DAMA) - ICCP Examinations review & exam sessions.

To Register visit the dama-edmonton.org website.

President: Aina Khan, akan@semtegra.com

Sponsors: Robert Hiew: bhiew@telus.net

ICCP James N. Snyder Memorial Award 
-- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This awards honors James N. Snyder a Physicist and programmer for the ILLIAC I, one of the first computers in American history. The ILLIAC I was built at the University of Illinois. It was the first von Neumann architecture computer built and owned by an American university. It was put into service on September 22, 1952.  

Professor Snyder was Head of the Computer Department from 1970 - 1985 and was an active Member of the ICCP. The awards were established by friends and colleagues upon his death in 1985, and are awarded to sophomores based on academic merit.

The ICCP James N. Snyder Memorial Award and James N. Snyder Award for Scholastic Achievement  was handed out at the  University of Illinois - Urbana - Champaign during their Celebration of Excellence on Thursday April 30, 2015.  The awards were given out this year to sophomores; Nick Kortendick, Emily Chao and Benjamin Delaporte.

From the recipients in their own words - 

"It is helping me reach my goal of working for the educational tech sector when I graduate."  Emily Chao

"The award was such an encouragement to me this semester . . ." Ben Delaporte

"I'm excited for my next 2 years in CS@ILLINOIS, and your award will help me greatly."  Nick Kortendick

How has your certification helped you?

-- Tracey Byron - Marketing Director ICCP


The ICCP is accepting testimonials from it's members.   

How has your certification helped you in your career, profession, networking with others, etc?  Write us a story, short or long. Send us a picture or two.  We would love to hear how it has affected you . . . getting a promotion, a raise, etc.?     

Tell us and you may see it up on our web site (iccp.org) or in our next marketing campaign.  


Email your testimonial to: tracey@iccp.org


* ICCP reserves the right to use all submitted materials including names.

    Calendar of Events


ICCP Events
Jul 11

6 hour online ExamCram

Jul 19

12 week Online Courses Summer Sessions begin  

Jul 17-19

Certification Council Meetings - Denver CO

Sep 18

12 week Online Courses Fall Sessions begin

Oct 16-17

Board of Directors Meeting - Chicago IL

Oct 24

6 hour online ExamCram


Upcoming Conferences 
Jul 26-31

TDWI Conference - Boston MA

(ICCP Booth and Examinations)

Sep 20-22
AACSB Accreditation Conference - Chicago IL
Sep 20-25

TDWI Conference - San Diego CA

(ICCP Booth and Examinations)

Sep 25-27
Data Management Conference Canada DAMA - Edmonton
Dec 6-11

TDWI Conference - Orlando FL

(ICCP Booth and Examinations)

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